Friday, August 7, 2009

Orlando fishing Report 08/07/09

I can’t believe it is already August. The long wait for my son to be born finally came to a end two weeks ago. He is very healthy and already starting to grow up on me. With the birth of my son, I had to take a few weeks off, but this week I returned to taking people out fishing. Being away inside the house for the last two weeks, my body forgot how really hot it is out on the water, so I am getting used to that again. Even with the sun blazing down on you, me and my guests quickly stop paying attention to it because the fishing has been amazing. I took out Pat and his son Kieran from the UK on Monday, it was there first time fishing for bass and Kieran landed 10 bass, and Pat landed 4, but lost 2 five pound bass right at the boat, both in a row. I had them fishing in a 13ft deep hole with watermelon seed sinkos with ¼ once weight, texas rigged. Not bad for first time anglers. Wednesday I fished with my friend Scott, and we both put on a show, landing over 25 fish in four hours. 6 of which were at least 4 lbs and range 17-19 inches long. Bass were feeding and busting out of the water all morning long. Out of the 20 bass we caught only 2 or 3 were less than 2 lbs, they were all fat and happy. Scott’s several 4 lbs bass were caught with a sexy shad crank bait. When we ran into bait fish, we would both throw watermelon seed flukes and were pretty much guaranteed a fish. Even this being the hottest time of the year, we are still catching trophy bass on almost every trip. If you’re a youtube fan check out my videos of my guests catching fish at and my partners awesome videos at ,and subscribe today to my channel to get new videos as they are posted.

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