Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The true physical test passed today!

It has been just about 18 months since I last fished from a boat. 18 months away from doing something I have had a passion for since I was a kid. It's been less then 3 months since my transplant, and only since Thanksgiving since I regained mobility in my left arm and foot. After doing everything I could do so far in physical therapy, and honestly exceeding even their expectations with my recovery; today I put it to the test. I fished 4 1/2 hours on one of my best friends boat on Lake Cypress. A lake I haven't fished in years.... It was a cool, gloomy, and windy day on that water but I must have made over 400 casts....and without any fatigue, or pain. Even as I type this out 8 hrs later, I still feel great. 

Fishing was horrible, but 3 hrs into it, bam! I land a 10" bass on a xtreme stix. I set the hook harder and better then I have ever before....it was the greatest feeling ever. My friend Don the followed up with two more maybe 13" bass, and it was starting to get dark. 

It was all the proof I need and in two weeks I will have my first charter, some clients I have taken every year fishing but last year because I was so sick. 2014 will rock for fishing....and I am hoping for some pretty amazing opportunities that I have been perusing for a year start to take shape and happen. 

Happy New Year Everyone !!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What, I am 34 yrs old...damn I am old

12 months ago on my 33rd birthday,  I was prepared to not see my next one, but God has other plans. Today is my birthday, yes I get shafted because of Christmas and my birthday are a day a part. But this year all I wanted was the gift to keep on living. Sounds cliche but that's all I wanted and in October that wish came true. It still seems like a dream that I can breathe so well, and I am still paranoid as hell that something could go wrong with the lungs I received, I don't want this amazing feeling to ever go away. 
And because it's my birthday and my blog...you smokers are stupid....but you will learn one day what I went through for 33 years. 

Today will be spent with my wife and son, possibly at Disney, or doing something together. It's amazing having energy and the drive to do stuff again. 

The rest of the week will be about getting the boat and business rolling again. This past Sunday's wrap for a cause event was a success. Between the social media support, friends and guests stopping by Fresh Ink Signs and Graphics, and the video that was created, will all bring positive awareness for becoming a organ donor. In my mind it's just the start to an amazing year. Also met some great captains and anglers alike, really cool guys, I hope we can work together to create more good in this world and in our industry.  I have ideas, hopes, and dreams this year....plus the drive to make them happen. First time I had a drive to do something I spent three years working to become a paramedic. My next drive was to create a successful foundation, which I did. Now the drive is all about fishing, not only as a captain doing charters, but also as a tournament angler. By no means am I looking to be a pro, but I am ready to win some trophies from some smaller events. 

All the pieces I have been working on since the transplant are coming together which will hopefully make my clients experience even better. Plus the connections I have already made with my return will make great memories for me and hopefully some cool photos and videos of trophy bass. 

I will start on the water next week pre-fishing a tournament, getting my sea legs back, and tweaking all my techniques again...I am for sure rusty with my casting accuracy. 

I am ready for my 34th year to be better then the last! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Wrap for a Cause

Fresh Ink Signs and Graphics in Orlando will be installing a new boat wrap for Orlando Trophy Bass. The main focus will be designed to raise awareness about Cystic FIbrosis and the importance of becoming a organ donor. This Sunday Fresh Ink Signs and Graphics will be holding a event with free food and beverages, the opportunity to watch them install the boat wrap, and members from Translife Florida and Florida Hospital Tranaplant Center for you to learn about becoming a donor and even signing up to be a donor. 

Join us from 11 am until 5pm at 
Fresh Ink Signs and Graphics
207 N goldenrod Rd #100
Orlando, FL 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

2 months post transplant

Today marks the second month since my double lung transplant. It has been a crazy month. Appointments Monday thru Friday, rehab, plus battling through all the post operative pain. It is amazing how quickly I am recovering. My last doctor's appointment the doctor simple put it as "unbelievable". It is unbelievable that in a few weeks I have gain full function in my left arm and leg, have very little leg pain from the foot drop, no arm pain, and only minor pain around the main incision area of my chest. I was also given the all clear to start all activities again. Meaning I am now ready to focus on building up my strength and endurance to get things done around the house and to get back into fishing shape. Everyday I feel stronger and more eager to do more things. I have been stuck in my house far to long. I recently took a ride to my lake for some photos for the new website and to give a few tosses with a rod in....and it was all great. The water looked great and fish were schooling on shad. Made me want to get out there right now. That being said I hope to be on the water in January and booking charters by February.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Saturday marks month 1 post transplant

Everyone is asking about my surgery so far, and it's a story I want to share. People say I am a inspiration to them because I have battled Cystic Fibrosis for 33 yrs. I am blessed from all the support over those years from my parents, my aunt and uncle, my cousins, my amazing wife, her amazing family, my best friends, my fellow brother/sister firefighters, EMT's, Paramedics, Dispatchers, the list goes on. Nearly 20 years in emergency services made me who I am today....you all made me "Bubba". For the first time in a long time, I can happily say, Bubba is back baby !!! 

That being said this story would not have a happy ending if it wasn't for the true hero of the story. That unknown person that donated their organs so others may live. It's no longer a story about me, it's a legacy about us. I will spend every moment I have, doing my best to honor this hero, and hopefully in time I can learn more about this hero and share their story, like I am about to share mine! 

For 9 months I have been lower then low mentally and physically. Being tied to oxygen 24/7, not having the physical energy to leave to house, or even doing simple things around the house like showering. A few days before the call, my wife came up with a trip with my son to legoland Saturday October 12 in the AM. I wanted to but was worried it would be way to much to handle. So I went to bed early and next thing I know it's 745am Saturday and my phone is ringing. I knew what it was before looking at the number, then I saw the number and said "hello Lisa (transplant coordinator)! Her reply....what are you doing today? My response..not going to legoland I bet but getting something better. She said " you're right, everything looks perfect, eat a light breakfast and see you in a hour!!! " 

Organized panic began...showers, emotional goodbye to Casey and off to dunkin donuts in 20 mins. We arrived at the hospital ICU room around 10ish with my Dr. Palaez, my surgeon, all ready for me. Immediately 2 16 gauge iv's were next to me in bed, aka straws, Placed after 4 missed attempts. Now my fellow EMS providers, like myself, during our training loved the idea of using 16 gauge needles. Well, this was the start of being humbled from my earlier years as a paramedic. 
 Next blood gases...finally hit the artery on attempt 4, again I wanted to scream but realized this is just the beginning. Then Chest X-rays, iv antibiotics and fluids plus breathing treatments. All of this within an hour, and my arms are already black and blue. Now it was my turn to fire off questions trying to get some info about the donor. I just wanted basic info age, and where the team was going. Why? Curiosity, because I know what happens behind the scenes, and piece of mind on quality of the organ. All they would give me, after hours of interigatting numerous team members was the situation was ridiculously rare, donor was much younger then me (also rare) and they needed to fly out to procure the organs. They estimated at one point they would see the organs in a hour and a half, and they needed to fly fixed wing. So folks...20 mins from hospital to airport and wheels up, 30 min flight, and another 20 I would say once they arrive....bottom line the organs were relatively close, which time is so critical once the organs are removed. This info is what I wanted and really comforted me. 

Time moved slow and fast, if that makes sense. Next thing I know it's time to say goodbye and head to the OR. The emotions can never be written, not enough room even in a blog. 

Once in the OR, I saw all the instruments and rest of the surgeons...all 4 of them, plus the team of about 20 people that were ready to make this story a success. Next, more fun with the anastesiologist. It was atrial line time.....I begged for sedation through my port before they did this but no go....so it took 4 attempts to get a atrial line in my wrist.....finally he said....Kevin it's time to sleep....I laughed and said ok. In all my humor, even with my lead surgeon there, I requested they add some Dave Matthews to their song list, that they already had on....no laughing at me naked....and let God guide their great skills. Just about everyone chuckled a little and agreed....so propofol was going in.( on a side note....why would Michael Jackson want this shit) it burns like hell going in....my anastesiologist says count to 10..... Yeah I counted to 20 before it hit. Right before discharge the anastesiologist came to see me and even couldn't believe how much propofol it took before I was out. 

Pre-OP started after 630 pm....I am glad I was out because I know my family was going through hell waiting to hear how it was going. They estimated up to 10 hrs....well the ordeal lasted 6 hrs and a few hours after that I was already waking up. The first person I could clearly see was my wife beautiful wife Michele. He smile was something I will never forget. I saw someone else who I later realized was my father-in-law, but for the first several hours anything past 2 ft from my face was a blur. Knowing they were there was the greatest feeling....I also instantly felt how awesome it was to breathe. Being on the vent felt great, my lungs were expanding beautifully and I knew things were good. The only thing that sucked was them pulling the tube. That sucked !!! I have had 3 patients wake up after I intubated them, and two that pulled out their tubes before I could....it hurt being partially sedated...couldn't image just pulling it out. 

Within 36 hours I was already moved from ICU into a step down unit. It was a very unexpected quick move. That next week was tough. I wasn't getting more then 2 hrs of sleep a day, the chest tubes hurt and the pain meds weren't touching the pain. I was walking little by little. The big issue was the loss of range of motion in my arms and legs. For several days I had no muscle strength to even lift my arms up. My right side came back in a week, but even today I am barely able to move my left arm and I now have left foot drop, which has been more painful the the surgery itself. 

I have also gained back 12 lbs in 12 days, so I am back to my very low pre-transplant weight...so we have at least 30 lbs to go before my doctors and I will feel better. As for the lungs, they are healing above what was expected this early, so that's amazing news. For the next few months I will be focused on rehab, and getting stronger so I can start being the father I want to be to my son and the husband I want to be to my wife. 

As for fishing, several ideas and projects are in the works for my return so stay tuned.

Thanks again to everyone who has really help support my family and I through these tough years,and thank you to all the healthcare professionals at Florida hospital, and to my donor hero! 

Here are some photos right before and after the surgery. I do have a photo of old lungs, it's nasty but feel free to email me direct and I will send it. It's graphic but honestly amazing because who could think I would still be breathing with what I had. 

Air transport from my ICU window...we know they used fixed wing to get to the donor, but I am sure they used this to get to the executive airport which is like a 20 min drive. This was near the time they left to get the lungs. 

This was the morning after surgery.

My first day walking without all 4 chest tubes

I dressed up as the dark night paramedic of old for my bronchoscopy on Halloween day! In the middle is the quarter back of this all-star team, Dr. Palaez. He and his staff have to wear the white coats...it keeps there angel wings in !!!! 

All the meds I take now each day to keep away rejection and infection. I love each one of them! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

New lungs!

Ihave been blessed with new lungs this past week. God bless the donor and the family. Things for me look very good right now, and it am recovering nicely. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back in the hospital

Another fast developed lung infection worsened even quicker because of catching a cold on top of it, caused me another hospital admission late this week. After a few days I am showing a little improvement but I still feel pretty sick to say the least. My body and mind are fighting harder then ever until a set of lungs becomes available, but honestly everyone especially myself can see time is not on my side, I am getting worse, and they only thing that will keep me alive are lungs....and unless that happens soon. Not sure how much longer my mind and body will last. So let's all pray I get lungs, I still have to much to live for and accomplish! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Changes have and will continue to happen

A lot has happened these past few weeks. I have deactivated my listing for a double lung transplant with the Mayo clinic. I am only listed now with Florida hospital transplant center. I really do not believe this decision will impact me in a negative way. I am still on the top of the list at Florida hospital, and deactivating my status at the Mayo will not impact my standing on the national list. In fact I am more confident then ever with the entire team at Florida hospital. They are a smaller and newer center, but the surgeons have combined over 30 yrs of transplant experience. If anything, having a smaller center means I know exactly who will be doing the surgery and because there are not hundreds of patients being seen by these doctors, I am getting faster answers and action when I have a health related event happen. I will also be able to recover from my house, so all the issues and concerns we had about having to relocate are no longer a issue. Since I deactivated my listing, I have had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I will now be able to focus on my recovery instead of worrying about the dozens of major factors with having to relocate to Jacksonville. 
Last week I was asked by Florida hospitals PR team to do a live interview on Orlando's Fox 35 morning show. The story was focused on getting more people to become organ donors, and then I was interviewed live in the studio about what it's been like having been waiting for lungs. Here's a link to the story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp9FUrL5I20
It's been one full year since my doctor made the official request for a lung transplant evaluation. So doing that interview really reminded my wife and I what a fight it has been. It also shows how strong we are as a couple, it's not always perfect but I wouldn't have made it this far without her fighting CF right beside me. It was a nice morale booster, I have been a little down lately because we are getting close to the 9 month mark of waiting
Honestly this process and these past 12 months have really shown me what love really means, and what friendship really means. People have really shown their true colors to my wife and I, and I can say I have already begun reevaluating who and what my priorities will be in the near future and post transplant.  
One thing I can tell you will continue is what this website and blog was intended for....fishing. I will come back to fishing once I am recovered enough. Since I will look healthier and feel better I will be changing my boat wrap and logo around. Start fresh, but it will still be the great fishing and lake I was on. Having better health and even more confidence with my fishing abilities, will make for a great experience for my clients. I have been working on technique, learning more about large mouth bass and their habits, and some fun stuff other charter captains won't be able to do or just don't do. I hope to have to initial design work done this week, so keep an eye out for some updates. 
Like I say at the end of all my entries, hopefully this surgery happens soon. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's my anniversary!

Tomorrow is my wife and I, 9th wedding anniversary. It has been the toughest year in our marriage, battling day after day to get this lung transplant and towards getting a whole new life. One of the key factors these past few days, is that I was accepted and listed for double lung transplant with a second lung transplant team in Orlando. So as of today I am listed at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and Florida Hospital Orlando. This does double my chances of getting a matching donor at the moment, but there maybe a decision to drop the Mayo and put all my eggs in the Orlando team's basket. Why you may ask....well this past year has been a battle since day one with the Mayo. As much as I respect what they have accomplished for others, my experience was far from what I expected and have heard. Especially after being welcomed with open arms and being shown a huge sense of urgency to getting donor lungs from the Orlando team. What took months to accomplish at the Mayo clinic, only took two weeks with Florida Hospital Orlando. Like I said, there has been a huge sense of urgency with the surgeons at Florida hospital. I know my disease is worsening, and they do too. Time is not on my side, and I am not affraid to hear that from my doctors. The reality is its getting harder and harder to maintain my body for this surgery and at some point my body is going to hit that wall, and I wont be able to recover and/or not be able to survive the surgery. The Orlando team isn't affraid of saying what I was thinking, and for the first time since this all started a year ago, I feel like I have people working for me. With the mayo, I was in a round about way, and at one point told that they were doing my wife and I a favor by even agreeing to listing me. It shouldn't feel like I was doing a business deal with the mob, and at some points I was looked down upon like someone that hasn't made the effort for 33 yrs to take care of themselves. Some of the Mayo's pre and post transplant expectastions have been and are unrealistic for someone with a wife that has a career, a 4 year old child, a mortgage, plus other responsibilities. The Orlando team embraces those factors and very quickly has proven how willing they are to make sure our lives won't be devistated by the surgery and recovery. For the past week I have felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders just from the support I have been given from the Orlando team. I have actually slept every night this week. For the last 8 months I think I have been maybe getting 3 hrs a night. My decision isn't final with what I will do with my status at the Mayo, but I am hoping that a call comes tonight or any night from the Orlando team. 
Like I said tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, and I hope my gift could be a stronger and better man then the one that said I do 9 years ago. Our lives, our plans have been on hold for far too long.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 10 and no call

Well, I am still waiting on that call for my double lung transplant. It has been such a emotional 10 weeks for me. The entire day is spent wondering if today is the day and thinking of the future plans I have. I only get a few hours of sleep every night, mainly because I can't fall asleep or I wake up in the middle of the night worrying that I missed a call while I was sleeping. It's a continuous cycle since the day I was listed and I understand 10 weeks really isn't that long of a wait, but it seems like its been a 10 years. Physical activity in the smallest amount is exhausting, and being a person that has had a job since he was 14, this not being able to contribute very much financially but more physically even around the house has been pure hell. I continue to hope this call happens today, if not today, hopefully tomorrow.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week 2 of waiting

Another week has past and no phone call yet. The anxiety is running high in my mind. Sleepless nights and long days laying around trying to gain weight and not doing anything too physical that would burn major calories. Each passing day, I have become more and more in favor of the whole idea of getting new lungs. my fear of waking up intubated plus massive pain is still there but again I am ready for it. I am ready to start a whole new chapter in my life, and once the pain subsides my goal will be get into the best physical shape as possible, so i can finally play with my son, and to restart the job I love of being a fishing captain. It will be better then ever! I want this surgery right now, so I can be back on the water by later summer, and prepare for the busy season and hopefully start fishing some serious tournaments.

Hopefully that call comes soon, but not like at 2 in the morning....I am hoping for a morning or afternoon call like before. Driving 3 hours at 2 am might be rough. Thanks for all the support and emails, I love to get them. Thank you !

Monday, March 4, 2013

First dry run

This past Saturday we were shocked when the mayo clinic called at 2pm requesting us get to the hospital as they may have a donor for me. We quickly grabbed some things, I told my son how much I loved him, while crying at the same time. I told him it was time for my big surgery and that I loved him more then anything...the look I got back made me realize my 3year old son knew what was happening. Thought he was going to cry, he just hugged me really hard. During our 3 hour drive we ran into heavy traffic and of course a major road shut down on i95 for a brush fire...40 min detour...but somehow my wife showed she has her driving skills from her days as a EMT. We arrived at mayo at 5pm. We were immediately sent to our room in ICU, where iv's we started, X-rays, blood work, iv antibiotics, breathing treatments, and more. Met many members of the team and my nurse. Who was awesome! I had so many emotions flowing through my head I couldn't cry, laugh, or really talk, I just looked at my beautiful wife and remembered all the good times since we met 10 yrs ago. She is my rock and the one that will keep me moving forward after the surgery. After many hours of waiting the surgery was set for 10pm, and the staff coming to move me to OR at 935. I was pretty ready, but five minutes before the time, the team doctor came in with bad news. After viewing the donors lungs, they determined there may have been issues with the right side and therefore canceled the surgery. They call this a dry run. I call it another anxiety attach waiting to happen. Going through the drive and the emotions will be hard again. I am looking forward to all the amazing things my body will go through after surgery, but not looking forward to the initial pain and being intubated when I am waken up. So we are home back on the list waiting for another call. God bless the teams and the donor and the donor's family!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Officially listed at number 1

As of this moment I have been actively listed for my double lung transplant. Currently I am number 1 on the small list at Mayo clinic. This means at any moment we could be called to start heading to Jacksonville. My emotions are all over the place, can barely focus on one thing let alone the 100 things we need to get in place right now. I am full of fear, excitement, and sadness. The not knowing how this will end and knowing very well when I say good bye to all my family it could be the last time. It's been rough already but the ride in will be a long 3 hrs.

Time to pack.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Still more tests

Well it's February and again I still have several tests and consults to complete before I will be considered for a lung transplant. This has been a very long and emotional process that was started back in December and was supposed to be completed in two weeks. I manage my disease very well and always stay ahead of the curve so having these delays, and major communication issues with the Mayo clinic really has me down and losing hope in the entire process. I was told last week that they will not even consider doing the surgery until my weight is 130 lbs, I have never weighed more then 105 my entire life. Since my lungs are only function at 22%, I am on oxygen full time and this poor lung function means my body is burning through thousands of calories per day just on breathing. Currently my intake is 6,000 plus calories per day, eating more is just not possible. I am looking into different facilities that will be more willing to roll the dice on the surgery, but my insurance will not cover it until mayo makes a final decision. That decision will not likely come until May.

Meanwhile I am trying to get on the water on a limited basis but as much as my mind and heart want to fish, my body physically won't allow it many days. I am doing all I can to make charters happen, but it is a day to day deal, so booking in advance is tough because I am not sure what will happen tomorrow let alone a month or two out. So for those that are calling, thank you! I won't leave people hanging, if I can do the charter I will, if not I will put you in the right direction to someone that can take you fishing. Thank you all for your continued support and patients with me!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big improvements and was granted a true honor

I am orrigiankly from Buffalo, NY. I grew up there and worked most of my EMS career in a small town of lancaster and villages of depew. Today, I was honored by my former volunteer ambulance corp with the status of Life Member. This was for 10 years of service from 1995 when I was 15 years old to 2005. I gave my heart and soul to providing the best possible care to those in the villages of Lancaster and Depew, and town of Lancaster as a EMT working my way to Paramedic by age 20. I volunteered thousands of hours during these 10 years, and responded to hundreds of calls. There have been so many people over the years that i have admired and tried to learn everything I could form. They all molded me into the person I am today. Especially the following members by squad number 19, 22, 28, 58, 78, 85, 150, 207, 221 , 287. Those years were some of the greatest years of my life. I am proud to have saved many people but will never forget all of those that couldn't be saved. LVAC was not only where my career in EMS was grown, it was the place that I met my wife Michele Glinski Przybyl for the first time 10 years ago. Over the past 10 years she has been my best friend and my rock, and I could not imagine my life without here. Thank you board members of the LVAC for for granting my the honor I wanted to work towards from day one. It has truly been an honor to serve!

As for fishing....Friday will be my first day on the water since late November. My health has improved that I should be able to do a charter here and there. I am excited the water is very warm which means the spawn will be in full swing....big fish either shallow or really deep in 30 ft drops. They will be biting crazy Friday. The weather is so well set up for a successful afternoon.

Two weeks ago I could not walk to my couch to my bed....and today I had pulmonary rehab and tomorrow fishing. Hope I can keep the health up and weight...gained 6 critical pounds this week...15 more to go by mid February then hopefully I will be listed for my lung transplant.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 will decide my future

Another year has come fast, and honestly I am not prepared for what will happen or may happen in 2013. My health being on the front burners and will be all year. I believe this year will be do or die for me. My disease has come to the fork in the road, will I get my lung transplant or will I become to sick for surgery and potentially slowly fade away in a hospital bed, like many CF patients I have known over the years. The whole process has been grueling to say the least, not only on me physically, and mentally, but on my family, especially my wife. Not enough credit can be given to her, because she is what is my drive to stay alive. She also is the quarterback of the team, making critical decisions though out this part of my life. Pre, during surgery, and post surgery decisions are all made by her. A roll i knew she could handle, i just wish it was later on in our lives, but its not. CF has shown its evil face, and despite 33 yrs of fighting the batlle, it is beginning to show the signs of how it's winning the war on my body. Each new test, shows how slowly and damaging Cystic Fibrosis is, and no matter how compliant and careful I have been, it didn't totally keep the disease from causing a lot of internal problems that may not be able to be repaired. My overall role continues to be very painful, but easy. My wife Michele has the hardest job of managing my post transplant care, which is months long and 24/7. She will still maintain her job, as she is the main bread winner of the family, and she must also play both roles as a parent and homemaker. Again, my job is easy in comparison, and every day I realize more and more how awesome and amazing she is. If this surgery happens and I am given this new lease on life, it will be spent taking care of her as much as I can for the rest of my life. I know what she has to see and what the disease is doing to me physically and mentally. I am changed from this experience but from what i hear about other CF patients going through similar situations. It has been very difficult to see people do well and see people die, because right now, i am one of those people, and it tears me up wondering which statistic will I be when it's done.

There still remains several days at mayo for testing and hopefully in a month or two, I will know more and if I will get listed at the mayo.

As for fishing, it really is on hold. Now I do have a few charters scheduled and will be doing my best to make them happen. Fishing is very hard for me right now, because I am on oxygen full time. Anywhere I go I need my oxygen tanks, even taking a shower takes time and a lot of energy, so you can image the physical strength needed to hook up a boat and launch it into the water. There are days I literally have not energy or desire to even shower, because the poor oxygenation of blood in my body just wears you down. This has been the hardest think to grasp for me. My entire life has been go go go, a infection here and there with a few weeks of being sick...and I would be good to go for months...now I am on iv antibiotics going on 4 months straight. It's frustrating because I love fishing, and I love what I have accomplished with this business. I beat the odds, and took more crap from older local captains over the years, but despite their hate, I prospered and made great friends and memories doing it. Oh, yeah, The business name, website, trademarks...all protected for a very long time, long enough that my son will be able to do with it as he pleases. (sorry this really is to spite my haters)..What I miss, all the people I have met. I am trying my hardest to continue taking out those that have returned to fish with me year after year. It's never been about making big money or having the biggest baddest truck or boat, it's about touching the people that love the sport but love sharing it with a loved one, son, daughter, mother, father, husband, and/or wife. That's what's important, and hopefully God will allow me to continue my work here, so I can show my son the true meaning of life, and what really is important.

So to everyone checking out my site. Email me, tell me when your looking to fish, and I will give you honest answers about the fishing, and my health. As usually I take no deposits, and if something happens that will not allow me to do the charter, I will give you plenty of notice and hopefully guide you to someone that can help you . I will also be giving updates on the transplant as they happen so stay tuned.