Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Praying for a friend and one of my founding board members

Today, all my thoughts and prayers are for a good friend, board member to my foundation, and fellow Cystic Fibrosis patient; Erin Taylor. Erin, like me, has battled CF her entire life, and being in her late 20's the disease has put a huge beating on her lungs. For the last few weeks she has had trouble breathing, and has been coughing up blood. Just a few weeks ago she finished the extremely long process to become eligible to be place on the lung transplant list. The tests require hospital visits, everyday for 2 full weeks. This past weekend, she was again admitted to the hospital for coughing up more blood, and being short of breathe. Last week, they also said she was number 4 on the list, but number 1 in her height requirement. Last night at 1 AM, she received a call to drive up to Jacksonville, FL because they had lungs for her. As I am writing this she is on the operating table for what will be a 8-10 hr long surgery. She is incredibly strong, so I am asking that all your prayers go her way. Besides being a key person for my foundation, she is the first CF patient that I could share (really bitch too) about how much CF sucks, and she understands what I go through because she deals with the same stuff. Erin you are an amazing person, and hopefully this will be a huge success and you can tell me how great it is to Breathe normally for the first time in your life !!!

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