Saturday, November 10, 2012

Felt good to be back out 11/7/12

Today was the first time fishing since early August. My lungs are slowly improving but now where near what they where at 3 years ago. I will be stating the lung transplant evaluation on Dec11. It is a 10-15 day out patient study that involves several invasive procedures. That means this will finishe Christmas Eve or after, wont know until our first day. But it's a 3 hour drive to Jacksonville so we will have to pay for a hotel for a week or so.

Having not been on the lake in so long was such a wake up call for me. I love fishing but love seeing people catch fish is better. The hydrilla in the lake has exploded and is starting to over take it, so they will be doing some spraying and adding 900 grass carbs this week. This forced me to fish deeper then normally, but it paid off with Kathy from Ontario as she landed this 7 lbs 5 oz bass mid morning. Not bad for not being on the lake more .

Also on a very sad note, I learned of the sudden, unexpected death of a friend on the lake Biff. Biff was one of the few that did not sell their private property to hotel owners. He was already wealthy from his boat repair business he sold years ago, and retired in his early forties. I spoke to him October 16... He died possibly that night or right after in his bed while he was sleeping. Very sad to see him gone, he did a lot to help me with my boat and business.

I hope do get a few more trips before thanksgiving but I need to try and take day by day.

Below is Kathy from Ontario and her trophy bass