Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big improvements and was granted a true honor

I am orrigiankly from Buffalo, NY. I grew up there and worked most of my EMS career in a small town of lancaster and villages of depew. Today, I was honored by my former volunteer ambulance corp with the status of Life Member. This was for 10 years of service from 1995 when I was 15 years old to 2005. I gave my heart and soul to providing the best possible care to those in the villages of Lancaster and Depew, and town of Lancaster as a EMT working my way to Paramedic by age 20. I volunteered thousands of hours during these 10 years, and responded to hundreds of calls. There have been so many people over the years that i have admired and tried to learn everything I could form. They all molded me into the person I am today. Especially the following members by squad number 19, 22, 28, 58, 78, 85, 150, 207, 221 , 287. Those years were some of the greatest years of my life. I am proud to have saved many people but will never forget all of those that couldn't be saved. LVAC was not only where my career in EMS was grown, it was the place that I met my wife Michele Glinski Przybyl for the first time 10 years ago. Over the past 10 years she has been my best friend and my rock, and I could not imagine my life without here. Thank you board members of the LVAC for for granting my the honor I wanted to work towards from day one. It has truly been an honor to serve!

As for fishing....Friday will be my first day on the water since late November. My health has improved that I should be able to do a charter here and there. I am excited the water is very warm which means the spawn will be in full swing....big fish either shallow or really deep in 30 ft drops. They will be biting crazy Friday. The weather is so well set up for a successful afternoon.

Two weeks ago I could not walk to my couch to my bed....and today I had pulmonary rehab and tomorrow fishing. Hope I can keep the health up and weight...gained 6 critical pounds this week...15 more to go by mid February then hopefully I will be listed for my lung transplant.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 will decide my future

Another year has come fast, and honestly I am not prepared for what will happen or may happen in 2013. My health being on the front burners and will be all year. I believe this year will be do or die for me. My disease has come to the fork in the road, will I get my lung transplant or will I become to sick for surgery and potentially slowly fade away in a hospital bed, like many CF patients I have known over the years. The whole process has been grueling to say the least, not only on me physically, and mentally, but on my family, especially my wife. Not enough credit can be given to her, because she is what is my drive to stay alive. She also is the quarterback of the team, making critical decisions though out this part of my life. Pre, during surgery, and post surgery decisions are all made by her. A roll i knew she could handle, i just wish it was later on in our lives, but its not. CF has shown its evil face, and despite 33 yrs of fighting the batlle, it is beginning to show the signs of how it's winning the war on my body. Each new test, shows how slowly and damaging Cystic Fibrosis is, and no matter how compliant and careful I have been, it didn't totally keep the disease from causing a lot of internal problems that may not be able to be repaired. My overall role continues to be very painful, but easy. My wife Michele has the hardest job of managing my post transplant care, which is months long and 24/7. She will still maintain her job, as she is the main bread winner of the family, and she must also play both roles as a parent and homemaker. Again, my job is easy in comparison, and every day I realize more and more how awesome and amazing she is. If this surgery happens and I am given this new lease on life, it will be spent taking care of her as much as I can for the rest of my life. I know what she has to see and what the disease is doing to me physically and mentally. I am changed from this experience but from what i hear about other CF patients going through similar situations. It has been very difficult to see people do well and see people die, because right now, i am one of those people, and it tears me up wondering which statistic will I be when it's done.

There still remains several days at mayo for testing and hopefully in a month or two, I will know more and if I will get listed at the mayo.

As for fishing, it really is on hold. Now I do have a few charters scheduled and will be doing my best to make them happen. Fishing is very hard for me right now, because I am on oxygen full time. Anywhere I go I need my oxygen tanks, even taking a shower takes time and a lot of energy, so you can image the physical strength needed to hook up a boat and launch it into the water. There are days I literally have not energy or desire to even shower, because the poor oxygenation of blood in my body just wears you down. This has been the hardest think to grasp for me. My entire life has been go go go, a infection here and there with a few weeks of being sick...and I would be good to go for I am on iv antibiotics going on 4 months straight. It's frustrating because I love fishing, and I love what I have accomplished with this business. I beat the odds, and took more crap from older local captains over the years, but despite their hate, I prospered and made great friends and memories doing it. Oh, yeah, The business name, website, trademarks...all protected for a very long time, long enough that my son will be able to do with it as he pleases. (sorry this really is to spite my haters)..What I miss, all the people I have met. I am trying my hardest to continue taking out those that have returned to fish with me year after year. It's never been about making big money or having the biggest baddest truck or boat, it's about touching the people that love the sport but love sharing it with a loved one, son, daughter, mother, father, husband, and/or wife. That's what's important, and hopefully God will allow me to continue my work here, so I can show my son the true meaning of life, and what really is important.

So to everyone checking out my site. Email me, tell me when your looking to fish, and I will give you honest answers about the fishing, and my health. As usually I take no deposits, and if something happens that will not allow me to do the charter, I will give you plenty of notice and hopefully guide you to someone that can help you . I will also be giving updates on the transplant as they happen so stay tuned.