Sunday, August 5, 2012

First week of August

I have not been on the water this past week, doing some life preserving home projects, and adding more improvements to my boat. I Added stronger livewell pumps to increase the amount of fresh oxygenated water into my livewell, this will keep the bass healthier and less stressed when it comes to weigh in time. Also added some flare with new lighting for all the compartments and on the deck so I can see whats going on when I fish these evening tournaments. Also some lights to the trailer so show off the boat wrap when heading to the lake in the morning. Bought some new rods and reels for my clients to use on charters as well. My stuff takes a beating and prices seem to go up on everything so its almost a constant thing. Thats all I got on the fishing side of things. I love fishing, but I love sharing information about Cystic Fibrosis. I continue to fight my war. Friday I had a new feeding tube put in, and I love it (weird right). The tube I had was leaking, causing skin break downs and a lot of pain. I wasnt doing my night time feedings, which was a 2000 calorie a day loss. That loss is why I am down to 100 lbs from my 120 lbs last year at this time. This new tube is a better fit and doesn't leak, hopefully I can add some much needed weight. I am however having some abdominal discomfort, possibly the start of a partial bowel obstruction. Hopefully this can get resolved tomorrow at the doctors and not make this another hospital admission. My friend Erin continues to improve after her lung transplant last week. She keeps asking her family if she is still breathing because what used to be like a full time job (breathing) is now so easy, she cant believe it. She went from having 500 ml lung volume to 2500 ml. Thats like making $30,000 and waking up to find $3 million in the bank. I am super happy she is doing well, and praying that I can hold off having to get one as long as possible. Hopefully I get some bookings this week and get back on those big fish that our in my lake.