Friday, August 7, 2009

Orlando fishing Report 08/07/09

I can’t believe it is already August. The long wait for my son to be born finally came to a end two weeks ago. He is very healthy and already starting to grow up on me. With the birth of my son, I had to take a few weeks off, but this week I returned to taking people out fishing. Being away inside the house for the last two weeks, my body forgot how really hot it is out on the water, so I am getting used to that again. Even with the sun blazing down on you, me and my guests quickly stop paying attention to it because the fishing has been amazing. I took out Pat and his son Kieran from the UK on Monday, it was there first time fishing for bass and Kieran landed 10 bass, and Pat landed 4, but lost 2 five pound bass right at the boat, both in a row. I had them fishing in a 13ft deep hole with watermelon seed sinkos with ¼ once weight, texas rigged. Not bad for first time anglers. Wednesday I fished with my friend Scott, and we both put on a show, landing over 25 fish in four hours. 6 of which were at least 4 lbs and range 17-19 inches long. Bass were feeding and busting out of the water all morning long. Out of the 20 bass we caught only 2 or 3 were less than 2 lbs, they were all fat and happy. Scott’s several 4 lbs bass were caught with a sexy shad crank bait. When we ran into bait fish, we would both throw watermelon seed flukes and were pretty much guaranteed a fish. Even this being the hottest time of the year, we are still catching trophy bass on almost every trip. If you’re a youtube fan check out my videos of my guests catching fish at and my partners awesome videos at ,and subscribe today to my channel to get new videos as they are posted.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Orlando Trophy Bass fishing report 6/30/09

Fishing has been really exciting the past few weeks. I have had many guests with a wide variety of skills which makes my trips really fun for me. The bass are biting and everyone I am taking out is catching fish. My more skilled guests have been catching around 15-20 fish, and my guests that rarely fish, or have never fished are catching about 8-10 fish in 4 hours. Most of these fish have been in the 2-3 lbs range. Almost every trip has lead to someone in the boat catching at least one fish over 5 lbs.

Black/blue sinkos have been my bait of choice, following rattle traps, and then watermelon red flukes. These three baits have really been putting my guests on fish the past month. My focus has been fishing open water 9-15 ft deep. I am looking for the edges in the hydrilla fishing away from the hydrilla back into it. I am also looking for 9-12 ft of water with deeper holes as far deep at 20 ft. I am then casting into the hole working back up into the shallower water. Working baits like the sinko or a Jig off the bottom are creating great strikes. Occasionally my guests will throw a deep diving crank bait and are getting strikes and fish as the work the bait up the banks of these holes.
Here are just a few of the pictures of fish my guest have caught over the past week.

Mark from Ft Lauderdale, had this 6 lbs bass fishing a 9 ft deep ledge at the edge of a 20 ft deep hole with a blk/blue sinko and ¼ oz red bullet weight.

This was Steve’s 4 lbs bass he caught with the same colored blk/blue sinko, caught on fathers day. This was the first of several fish he caught over 4 lbs that day, his other fish can be seen, as well as fish my other guest have caught, at

Capt Kevin Przybyl
"Casting Towards a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Orlando fishing Report 06/11/09

The summer heat is here and so are those strong afternoon thunderstorms, but the mornings are producing some fun fishing. The fishing has been improving each day I have been out. The rains have slowed down and the high waters have been receding. I have been out on toho this week, and like everyone else, I have been fishing in the canals since the water management gates are still open moving water through the lakes. Crank baits are working the best in the canals. I also have been fishing open water in the middle of the lake, finding sweet spots all over the lake that have deeper hydrilla and plenty of bait fish on them. Sinkos have been working the best, whether they are weightless or with a ¼ once weight texas rigged, we have been catching decent fish.

On the private lake I fish on, the bite is almost back to normal, catching fish in open water with flukes and weightless sinkos. Since the water levels are still above normal, I am also fishing the flooded cypress trees catching fish with top water frogs and flukes. My guests are catching around 15-20 fish in 4 hours on this lake, still a little below what we have been catching, but we have been catching better sized fish then in the past.

Don’t let that summer heat prevent you from coming out with a florida guide. Great fishing and trophy sized bass are being caught thoughout Florida during the summer months so book a trip today.

Capt Kevin Przybyl
"Casting Towards a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Orlando Fishing Report 05/26/09

After 1 week of what was close to being nonstop rain, many Floridians are left with major clean up and some 30+inches of rain in some Central Florida areas. I wish all of those people the best in trying to recover from there loses.

The fishing has been very rough this past week, the lake I am on is at least 3 ft higher than it was last week, and the fish are no longer huddled up in my spots. I went from having my clients catch 25 fish in 4 hours, to getting less than 10 a trip. The high waters have caused these fish to become lethargic and spread out.

We are mainly catching these fish on deep diving crank baits or weightless sinkos. As for specific depths, I havent keyed in to that except anywhere. I have been catching fish in deep, and shallow water all week. The rains are letting up and its hot so hopefully in a few weeks the water will get back to normal.

Monday, May 18, 2009

"" fishing Report 05/18/09

May is my favorite month of the year, great bass fishing, and it’s Cystic Fibrosis awareness month. Before I get to my report, I wanted to thank everyone who has come out and fished this year so far. As of May 16th during the Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walks in Orlando and Tampa, we raised over $1100 for Cystic Fibrosis research and closer to my $3000 goal for the year.
The Month of May has been another spot on month for catching bass. Watermelon red and green pumpkin seed flukes have been working the best for me. This month most of my clients have been catching 25 + fish in 4 hours off these two colors. The hours between 7 and 9 am have been the times most of the numbers are coming. However, later in the mornings have been when the bigger bass 4+ pounders have been caught, still using the flukes. If the bite really slows down I have them switch to a weightless black/blue sinko. We have not had much luck with shinners, a few here and there, despite having caught several fish that spit up the shinners they have been feeding on. Same goes for top water lures; they have been throwing poppers and horny toads with a few here and there, but when we switch to the fluke the action of that bait sinking in the water like a dead bait fish, just drives the bass nuts. The large majority of the fish are being caught in 7-9 ft of water, in clear water, over hydrilla. The water temperature has been holding steady around 80-82 degress. I expect nothing but great fishing during the month of June.

Capt Kevin Przybyl
“Casting towards a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis”

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another week has passed and fishing continues to be great. On a 4 hour fishing trip my guests have been catching 12-20 fish. The fishes sizes continues to vary from 1 lb to 6lbs. Soft plastics seem to be doing the best for catching these bass. Super flukes in watermelon red, and silver have been working the best. A close second has been green and black sinkos, weightless; these sinkos are producing the bigger fish that are caught. The month has brought warm weather, but at times some strong winds, making fishing with weightless plastics a little more challanging. The water temperature is around 72 degress and the fish have been very active even after a cold front has come through.

This past week, between trips I was able to take out my wife, brother and sister-in-law out for a few hours. They have very little fishing experience but in total they caught 9 fish in less than 2 hours. My wife leading the way with 5 solid keepers. I really enjoyed spending that time with them we were all very relaxed after spending those few hours away from the attractions we went to earlier that week.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Orlando Trophy Bass

This is my first blog and I am very excited. I hope people get something out of this blog and to be honest I hope to get some business.

I am very dedicated to raising as much money for Cystic Fibrosis as I can. Trying to gain sponsors and business partners to joining my battle. This though has been tough, a bad economy, and not having proper contacts makes this very difficult. It also does not help by not getting what seem like any help from the place I donate so much money towards. Despite this I am still raising money, so far $500 has been raised and by the end of this month I hope to add another $150 to that total.

I big reason why I am trying so hard to make this work, is because I believe on day this money will find a cure. I love my wife, and everything in my life, and I don't want that to end to soon. I also want this to work because I want other CF patients to have the chance to live a great life like I have.

Yesterday I had a fishing trip with a 8 y/o who to has CF. This was the first time he and his dad have gone bass fishing. I am happy to say he caught several fish, one weighing 5 lbs. He did this all on his own which made it even more exciting. He was so happy, it just helped me realize why I am fighting to stay alive and make this business succeed. Not only was I an inspiration to him, but his dad as well. He was able to ask me all about my treatments and how I have been able to stay relatively healthy; he to was inspired after our fishing trip.

A little more about my guide service. I am located in Orlando, Fl, and fish on some of the best bass fishing lakes in the world. I am mainly fishing on a private lake that is loaded with fish. On a good day my guests have caught over 25 fish. My worst day on this lake was during a day a major front was moving in with 35 mph winds, and higher gusts, but we still caught 5 decent fish. I fish out of a 16 ft bass boat, and have all the gear needed to catch that trophy bass. What makes this place even more special is that I am the only guide on the lake, and its located minutes away from Disney.

Like I said I am using this to promote my fishing so more fishing updates to come.

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