Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sidelined again

Well I would like to give you all a great fishing report but unfortunately some continous health issues knocked me off the water all week. I get a bad flare up of diverticulitis about every 5-6 months and this week was its time. Trying to stay out of the hospital was tough, but I did it. Oral antibiotics and pain meds helped but it's a slow process, especially when you still have to eat 5-6,000 calories each day. All that food going through a inflamed intestinal track hurts like hell. if I don't eat these calories I lose weight fast. It took 4 weeks to gain 15 lbs but I literally could lose that in a week with not eating at all or only eating half those calories. Which would have been the case with a hospital admission. That weight lose can cause even more health issues. Plus trying to take care of a 2 yr old being only at 20% wipes me out. But I pushed through it. I hopefully have this out of the way for the summer since i missed out on most of the summer last year because of the diverticulitis and a major blood infection that wasnt diagnosed until late september 2011 snd that kept me off until december. I post this not for sympathy but to educate people about cystic fibrosis and how awful of a disease it is. People and clients that know me, know I hate people feeling sorry for me. I appriate support and encouragement, that's what keeps me going. Now, Tomorrow I am thrilled because I am taking my 2 1/2 year old son fishing in some of the ponds in my development. I have been so excited all day for it. Words can not explain how long I have waiting for this moment. I know he will love it, I just hope these little ponds produce tomorrow. The bad part is once I do this, he will want to go everyday. He hasn't been on my boat yet but he wants to play in it like everyday. He has been running around with his sponge bob fishing pole for the last few months pretending to be fishing. I finally think he is old enough to be patient for at least a hour so I am getting live bait and praying for a few fish. If he's like his mother, he will catch a 6 lbs fish on his second cast and then be done. My wife always catches giants every time she fishes with me. As for charters, I will start again Wednesday and have a few more this week lined up. Fishing will be good. The weather has been hot, in the upper 80's all week so I know these fish are biting. Also looking into upgrading my electronics and maybe adding a power pole. Not a huge fan of them but when I really think about it, a power pole really could benefit my clients with catching more fish. The issues comes with the costs so that will take time since I only pay for things with cash. To those that may have tried calling I am sorry I couldn't answer, again if you knew what I go through each day, you would be shocked that I am even able to do this at all. Thanks again for all the support and to all my clients that keep coming back. I love fishing and really wish I was healthy enough to do this 365 days a year.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

This felt pretty good

The numbers being caught continue to be in the double digits. I rarely fish but today I was helping George from PA learn how to work a Carolina Rig thru the hydrilla and I hooked into this nice fish, using a cache custom lure trigger shad.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fish on

This was a great past week when I came to fishing. The spawn is over, and the bass are biting like its the middle of summer. My clients catch numbers have been double digits during those 4 hrs of fishing, plus many missed opportunities. Now the majority of the fish being caught are in the 2 lb range but like I said a single angler is catching 15 fish in 4 hrs with artificial baits. Flukes are killing it, but there has been a strong top water bite as well. The anglers that are using top water plugs have been getting some bigger fish 4-6 lb range. Usually I am a month or two out before that summer top water bite is strong on my lake but the 80 degree weather has really moved things up. I have had a blast putting people on fish, so I expect this streak to continue.

Monday, March 12, 2012

One boat, 4 generations

Like I said I love doing father/son or father/daughter charters, but this weekend was the first for me. This past Saturday I had the unique opportunity to take out 4 generations of anglers on one charter. From left to right in the photo: Jeff, Colin, Eugene, Chad from NY
This was pretty cool to have 4 generations on one boat, and catching tons of fish. Despite the heavy winds and thick cloud cover, these four gentlemen caught fish all morning. 7 year old Colin landed this sweet fish all on his own late in the morning, using a bass pro shops watermelon seed sinko. It took him a while to bring it in, but he. The excitement on Dad's, Grandpa's and Great Grandpa's face was priceless. We couldn't get Colin to hold the fish but we'll work on that for next time.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Great day on the lake

I think the march madness of the spring spawn and tough fishing is coming to a end. Today was one of the best days of fishing in weeks. Last night was a full moon, and in march it usually means the peak off the spawn is here. The bite was great all morning. Jeremy from Utah had a double digit fish count today. The wind was still blowing hard but it was sunny and in the 80's. Jeremy was catching fish all the way to the end of the charter. He landed this beauty around 11am. Hoe this trend continues.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March madness

I have said it every year since I started guiding, I hate spring and the spawning season. Tournament anglers love this time of year, because the odds of catching big bass are increased dramatically. Especially those skilled with fishing in shallow water, and site fishing. Tournament anglers must make accurate casts, and show a lot of patients and technique to land those trophies. I am a very good sight fisherman. I can spot beds at long distances and in deep water. I can very quickly tell if the fish is holding to the bed, which usually means they're more aggressive towards something coming after the eggs or fry, and they will bite whatever you throw. However to the avarage angler or even begginers, it can be a tough bite. My goal is to put my clients on fish, and many of my clients are begginers and are not as experienced with casting and some of the more skilled techniques. Which is fine by me, I love teaching the young and old what I have learned, but you can only teach so much in 4 short hours. So over the years I've learned where to focus my efforts, so anyone that's comes out to fish, does what they catch. Weather plays a factor. It's march, we still get cold fronts moving through, and the cold blast of air will slow up the bite. Also with cold fronts usually comes with or follows with wind. Today for example, I started at 730 with John from Australia. The lake was like a sheet of glass, but by 10am the winds came, with gusts in the 30 plus range. Makes it next to impossible to teach someone how to site fish, or to even see the beds with the high winds. So we focus on fish that have not yet spawned or in areas the have beds and just fishing them very slowly. Finally, the bass themselves can be tough to figure out. Some of the bass are about to spawn, some are, and some have finished. Depending which stage they're in will determine how they are biting, and where I must focus on. This week I have been fishing steep drop offs with one technique and then hitting more shallow areas with different lures and techniques. My goal is to put every client on a trophy, and for every client to have fun doing it. I am not afraid to say not all of them caught that trophy bass, but every client had decent numbers. As spring turns to summer the bite will only get better, and when that those 90 degree days return, my job gets much easier. I am ready for summer.