Thursday, April 24, 2014

Awesome bass fishing and awesome lungs

It's been a rough 6 months, a lot of ups and downs with my health post double lung transplant. However I am super excited to just have had my 6 month Bronchoscopy and the report from my doctors that the transplant and lungs are looking great and for the first time since my transplant I will not need weekly bronchs. In fact, the next one is planned for July, I am really just excited about that. 
This also means I can do what I love, Bass fish and do my fishing charters without having to worry about tests and procedures. I know there will be more bumps in this road, but I hope for a few months I can just enjoy the gift I was given.

So let's talk bass fishing. I have been on the water a lot these past few weeks after having to take a month off from transplant complications. The bite has been great, I am defiantly getting people on numbers...usually 20 fish in the boat in 4 hrs. My go to bait for most of my fishing guests are flukes or sinkos, weightless with 10 lbs test fluorocarbon line. I work areas have hydrilla very slow and in depths around 8-10 ft. I will fish an area about 50 square yards for a hour or more at a time, especially if we are catching fish. Working are area that size that slowly is producing a lot of bites. The issue has been getting the big fish to bite. I have managed at least one trophy size fish per charter, it's something that I honestly expect to occur until mid-May. The weather has still been unsteady and keeping the water temps into the low 70's. These temps are causing some of the bass to spawn late, while some are post spawn and just not feeding, and a third of the fish are already in a sum my pattern, feeding constantly on shad and already schooling on shad on the surface. 

I had believed the spawn was over on my lake, I had a lot of big fish in February, which is the normal peak of the spawn for this lake, but these past two weeks I have seen a ton of new bass beds all over the lake. I have been fishing lake Bryan for 5 yrs and have never seen these bass spawn this late. The bigger fish we have been catching have had marks on their tail and many even bleeding from the tail. Usually a clear sign they are clearing off beds, these bedding fish are bedding along slopes that drop down to 15-20 ft, and seem to be on the slopes in 8-10 ft. So I can't see the beds, but just they way they are striking the baits it's pretty obvious they are bedding fish. 

When the winds are calm, I have been seeing bass schooling on shad pretty much all over the lake. This usually doesn't occur until the water temps heat up in June so when it does happen I try and use some top water baits just to see the fish strike top water. The fishing will continue to be great, so if your coming to Orlando take some time to enjoy some of Florida's great Bass fishing.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The big 6

We are quickly approaching my first big milestone of reaching six months post double lung transplant. I am excited but there have been some issues. Continuous issues are developing in my right lung and last week I required a stent to be placed. This should keep my airway open fully, reduse the wheezing and allow the scar tissue to get stronger and hold the bronch together better.

As a result of this set back it has reduced the amount of the days on the water the past few weeks.

I am looking forward to fun month of April doing a lot of fishing.