Monday, March 30, 2015

April 1, 2015

Bass fishing has been great all spring and will continue for the next few months. Myself, Captain Randy Dumars, and Josh Hamilton have been extremely busy this spring landing trophy bass, and crappie. Bookings are limited between us until the end of April. Bass are being caught on artificial and live bait, the fish are ending their peak spawn time but catching giant fish are always a possibility in Central Florida. We are fishing all levels of the water with spinners, soft plastics and swallow lures. I will be fishing this summer on Lake Erie and the upper Niagara River for trout, steelhead, and my favorite, smallmouth bass. Lake Erie is in the top three for smallmouth lakes in the world and I can promise you will not be disappointed. Opening Day is looking like it will be May 11, 2015 on Lake Erie and potentially mid to end of April towards the end of April. I will also be running fly fishing guided tours on 18 mile creek and other creeks in The Buffalo, NY area These tours start at $150 with gear.