Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 month post transplant and March fishing madness

I am thrilled to say I am 5 months post double lung transplant and still feeling great. There have been some complications still occurring that my doctors are dealing with on a weekly basis. My right lung continues to develop scar tissue causing it to narrow the right bronchiole. The narrowing causes me to wheeze and makes me short of breath. To correct this problem I have weekly bronchoscopies, which is when they stick a scope into your lungs and then dilate the bronchiole. The right lung is still not fully healed, and they say it will just take time. Otherwise I continue to get stronger everyday. Fishing has been great. This past weekend I competed in my first tournament in over 3 years, the Oakley Big Bass tournament on Harris Chain. I fished with a good friend Michael. I was going into this tournament kind of blind. I have not fished Harris in a long time, and really had no solid game plan. That lack of preparation hurt us in the tournament, we only had 3 bites the entire two days. The best part of the tournament was the fact I was able to fish two straight days nonstop and wasn't exhausted like I was pre-transplant. Lake Bryan, where I guide, continues to be a fishing hot spot. The last week my clients are catching numbers, catching over 20-30 fish in 4 hours using artificial baits. Size has been the factor, just not getting big fish. Honestly, this is common this time of year on this lake. The water temperature was already in the low 70's and the spawn is done, so all the big females are in a post-spawn pattern. Sitting in deeper water, and not feeding. Usually in a week or two these big females will recuperate and start feeding again. The smaller males are holding tight to the beds and protecting the eggs until they hatch. The crappie bite has slowed down as most of the big crappie are too off the beds. Florida is still getting slight cold fronts passing through almost weekly, and just that slight barometric pressure change affects the bite for a day or two after it passes. Again typical for spring in Florida, and this usually lasts until the end of March, and the heat and humidity will be back. Once my lakes waters really start to warm up, the bite increases, and the top water bite will also take off. I really love April to August fishing. I hope to be making some cool announcements this week with my business, so stay tuned!