Saturday, September 6, 2014

Never Forget 9/11/01

It is a day I will never forget! Where were you on 9/11/01? Every year since 9/11 I have tried to honor those that have died, this year I want to spend it on the water. If you are a Police, Firefighter, EMT, Paramedic, or Military personnel I invite you to come out and bass fish with me. You will receive $50 off your charter on 9/11/14 - 9/14/14. Contact me at

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wonders of Three Lakes Wildlife Area

I have been doing a lot of fishing and sight seeing in the Three Lakes Wildlife Area all week. Yesterday I came across a lot of deer, and took several pictures. After my guests 4 hours of fishing, I will drive around the wildlife area usually 45 minutes worth of driving through prairies. Here are some of the photos from yesterday morning.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

August fishing

It's been a few weeks since I have done any updates. There is a lot to talk about.

I am 10 months post my double lung transplant. Still feeling amazing. I did have a little set back because I was doing way to much to fast. Ended up with heat exhaustion and had to kind of sit back and relax. It's been hot...heat indexes around 105-107 degrees almost everyday. Next week highs will only be in the low 90's...I can't wait for fall to get here. 

I am also thrilled to announce a new partnership with Captain Randy Dumars. Captain Randy has been a long time central Florida captain. We are working together to give our guests even better experiences. We now offer freshwater and saltwater charters, hog and gator hunting, scenic airboat tours and Bow Fishing. 

I have also added another lake for charters. Charters are now available on Lake Jackson which is within a federal management wildlife area. The land is over 96 sq miles and full of deer, osceola turkey's, bald eagles, 150 bird species, wild hogs. Lake Jackson sits in the middle of the wildlife area, it is 1060 acres and loaded with double digit sized largemouth bass. The lake is also full of crappie, bluegill and some pretty big alligators. Fishing on Lake Jackson is more then just a fishing charter, it truly is a adventure. 

Fishing has been great, the water is hot, in the upper 80's, but mornings are still producing tons of bites, a lot of schooling fish, and still getting big bass. As it cools the fish will start fattening up again for the winter. Even with the heat guests are catching 9 lbs bass, especially on Lake Jackson on artificial baits. 

All the new information about my charters are now on my website, 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

ICAST Orlando 2014

Fishing has slowed down slightly as the surface temperature of my lake has gone up to 87 degrees. The stronger winds last week were mainly coming from the northeast and really slowed the schooling fish. However bigger fish 4-6 lb range have been hitting sinkos and flukes which wasn't the case two weeks ago. I am expecting the fishing to be exactly what it should be during this time of the year....a slower bite, requiring a slow retrieve with the baits, and slightly lower numbers, usually a single angler will land around 10-15 bass in four hours using artificial. ICast 2014 is coming to orlando in two weeks and I do have a few early morning charters that week available. I am located just 10 minutes from the convention center. Please contact me if your interested in a 4 hour charter.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

School is only over in the classroom

Top water action has been the best it have seen in years. They are striking averyhting from spinners,
top water plugs, frog, and even weightless sinkos. My last 5 charters have caught over 30 fish in 4 hours, most of them under two pounds but e action is almost nonstop. This tren will continue for weeks so book your charter as soon as you can, dates are becoming limited for June July, and August. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day weekend

Fishing is hot above and below the water! Weather temp is in the mid 90's and sunny all day. This warming up the water temps into the low 80's already. The lake seemed to turnover the past few weeks and the bite has increased dramatically. Top water action has been incredible for the last two weeks, we have been seeing areas all of the lakes with schooling bass busting out if the water for shad. This has made top water baits really exciting to use. Patients is still the key to success with these baits on schooling fish. When bass school on shad they become focused in the shape and colors of these live shad, so using hard top water plugs in the right colors are critical. I have been using a silver or clear color shad 3 inch popper and bass colored popper with 25 lbs test with my revo stix reel and my new skeet Reese 7'6" glass rod. I have been crushing fish on Lake Bryan and Lake Toho for two weeks. 

Two days ago I took my takuya from JAPAN. it was hit first bass fishing charter in the United States. It was a educational day for me learning about how the Japanese people fish for largemouth In Japan and he even brought me some cutting edge soft plastics that proved themselves in only a few casts. We fished in the middle of a hot day, saw hundreds of bass schooling all around the boat, but we worked hard to get as many as week could in the boat. The photo below is the best we could do on size, but we did lose nearly 20 fish. 

The past few weeks I am preparing for a major tournament on Lake Toho for wounded warriors. 
I  I have been prefishing the lake for nearly two weeks now and stumbled on some stops holding trophy fish. A 6 lbs bass and a 8 lbs bass in just a few minutes. 

I am very excited to be fishing this tournament with my friend Michael Irvin and hopefully put something together and get a solid limit of fish next week. Thank you to our the troops that have served this great country. With out their sacrifice we wouldn't be participated in tournaments like this one. 

The great top action will continue for the next few months. I am booking fast so please if you are looking to book a charter please feel to contact me as soon as possible. Have a save holiday and remember those that have given us all our freedoms! 

Capt Kevin Przybyl

Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Bass fishing in Orlando, FLorida

The Florida largemouth bass are in full summer pattern mode on my lake and its only the beginning of May. The last few weeks the temperatures have topped in the 90's during the day and low 70's overnight, which caused a rapid water temperature increase. In a matter of 5 days the surface lake trigger shad both using 10 lbs fluorocarbon with a medium rod. Another key to my recent success on the water has been the result of fishing small areas usually a square 100 yards at a time, painfully slow. Fishing these areas this slow is producing many bites and catches. I will fish an area this size for up to 2 hours at a time. In recent days my clients are averaging no less then 15 bass in 4 hours. This bite will continue to improve over the next several weeks then steady out until mid-august when the water temps are extremely high. temperature went from 72 degrees to 81 degrees. This past week it was obvious by how the fish were biting that the spring turnover was occurring. The bite was sluggish last week but this week the bite has improved dramatically. Also experiencing a dramatic increase in the amount of schooling fish feeding on bait fish throughout the day. This has made some great top water action for some of my clients, and honestly , myself. The majority of the larger fish I am catching has been on a "KP Craw" xtreme stix , a hand poured, sinko, style bait made by Cache Custom Lures. This particular color has been my go to bait for several weeks now. When I come across schooling bass, I have been switch to just a simple XPS popper or a Cache Custom Lure

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Awesome bass fishing and awesome lungs

It's been a rough 6 months, a lot of ups and downs with my health post double lung transplant. However I am super excited to just have had my 6 month Bronchoscopy and the report from my doctors that the transplant and lungs are looking great and for the first time since my transplant I will not need weekly bronchs. In fact, the next one is planned for July, I am really just excited about that. 
This also means I can do what I love, Bass fish and do my fishing charters without having to worry about tests and procedures. I know there will be more bumps in this road, but I hope for a few months I can just enjoy the gift I was given.

So let's talk bass fishing. I have been on the water a lot these past few weeks after having to take a month off from transplant complications. The bite has been great, I am defiantly getting people on numbers...usually 20 fish in the boat in 4 hrs. My go to bait for most of my fishing guests are flukes or sinkos, weightless with 10 lbs test fluorocarbon line. I work areas have hydrilla very slow and in depths around 8-10 ft. I will fish an area about 50 square yards for a hour or more at a time, especially if we are catching fish. Working are area that size that slowly is producing a lot of bites. The issue has been getting the big fish to bite. I have managed at least one trophy size fish per charter, it's something that I honestly expect to occur until mid-May. The weather has still been unsteady and keeping the water temps into the low 70's. These temps are causing some of the bass to spawn late, while some are post spawn and just not feeding, and a third of the fish are already in a sum my pattern, feeding constantly on shad and already schooling on shad on the surface. 

I had believed the spawn was over on my lake, I had a lot of big fish in February, which is the normal peak of the spawn for this lake, but these past two weeks I have seen a ton of new bass beds all over the lake. I have been fishing lake Bryan for 5 yrs and have never seen these bass spawn this late. The bigger fish we have been catching have had marks on their tail and many even bleeding from the tail. Usually a clear sign they are clearing off beds, these bedding fish are bedding along slopes that drop down to 15-20 ft, and seem to be on the slopes in 8-10 ft. So I can't see the beds, but just they way they are striking the baits it's pretty obvious they are bedding fish. 

When the winds are calm, I have been seeing bass schooling on shad pretty much all over the lake. This usually doesn't occur until the water temps heat up in June so when it does happen I try and use some top water baits just to see the fish strike top water. The fishing will continue to be great, so if your coming to Orlando take some time to enjoy some of Florida's great Bass fishing.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The big 6

We are quickly approaching my first big milestone of reaching six months post double lung transplant. I am excited but there have been some issues. Continuous issues are developing in my right lung and last week I required a stent to be placed. This should keep my airway open fully, reduse the wheezing and allow the scar tissue to get stronger and hold the bronch together better.

As a result of this set back it has reduced the amount of the days on the water the past few weeks.

I am looking forward to fun month of April doing a lot of fishing.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 month post transplant and March fishing madness

I am thrilled to say I am 5 months post double lung transplant and still feeling great. There have been some complications still occurring that my doctors are dealing with on a weekly basis. My right lung continues to develop scar tissue causing it to narrow the right bronchiole. The narrowing causes me to wheeze and makes me short of breath. To correct this problem I have weekly bronchoscopies, which is when they stick a scope into your lungs and then dilate the bronchiole. The right lung is still not fully healed, and they say it will just take time. Otherwise I continue to get stronger everyday. Fishing has been great. This past weekend I competed in my first tournament in over 3 years, the Oakley Big Bass tournament on Harris Chain. I fished with a good friend Michael. I was going into this tournament kind of blind. I have not fished Harris in a long time, and really had no solid game plan. That lack of preparation hurt us in the tournament, we only had 3 bites the entire two days. The best part of the tournament was the fact I was able to fish two straight days nonstop and wasn't exhausted like I was pre-transplant. Lake Bryan, where I guide, continues to be a fishing hot spot. The last week my clients are catching numbers, catching over 20-30 fish in 4 hours using artificial baits. Size has been the factor, just not getting big fish. Honestly, this is common this time of year on this lake. The water temperature was already in the low 70's and the spawn is done, so all the big females are in a post-spawn pattern. Sitting in deeper water, and not feeding. Usually in a week or two these big females will recuperate and start feeding again. The smaller males are holding tight to the beds and protecting the eggs until they hatch. The crappie bite has slowed down as most of the big crappie are too off the beds. Florida is still getting slight cold fronts passing through almost weekly, and just that slight barometric pressure change affects the bite for a day or two after it passes. Again typical for spring in Florida, and this usually lasts until the end of March, and the heat and humidity will be back. Once my lakes waters really start to warm up, the bite increases, and the top water bite will also take off. I really love April to August fishing. I hope to be making some cool announcements this week with my business, so stay tuned!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back on the water, finally!

After over 18 months this past Wednesday was my first charter since becoming to sick to operate my boat, and just 3 months after having my double lung transplant. 

My charter was with two long time clients, great, fun guys...Matt and Stacy. I was nervous taking these guys out because I had only been on the lake once prior to taking them out, and my very first outing was a tough day with only catching 4 fish. I am obsessed with making my charters worth my clients pennies, so I do lose sleep at times when fishing gets tough.

We started in the late morning around 1030 am... Had a really slow hour and half with two fish. I then moved to a spot that just always produces fish, and we did...about 6 smaller bass...nothing really over 15 inches, but we were getting plenty of hits and fish in the boat. The air temps cooled and the winds picked up as the day went on, but the bite remained constant. 

Towards the end of the day Matt and Stacy landed 20 bass, all on artificial baits, missed another 10-15 opportunities as well. It was a great start for me personally. I am still able to locate fish and put clients on those fish. 

Matt caught 2 really decent fish, one 3 lbs and another right at 4 two huge crappie all with zoom flukes. 

Stacy did ok, he managed to get 5 fish in, and lost two really decent fish. 

For me I was so thrilled to be back doing what I love. I will continue to ease into the guiding, only doing a few a week and gradually increasing and my health continues to improve. My body still has a lot of recovering to do from the surgery, but I am amazed how quickly things have come together. 

I have held at least 3 simultaneous jobs at once, I still do that now, it's a little different. First, my health is literally a full time job, then my family and being a dad and good husband is my second full time job, and now fishing again. 

I am looking forward to some warmer weather, the cold we have had has really dropped the lake temp down to mid to low 60's, but the bass have already began the spawn. Several of the bigger fish we caught were shallow and in places where they would normally bed. If we get a few really warm days, and the temps start to rise, the spawn will be on.

Here are some photos of Matt's catches.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

3 month LUNGiversary / my own custom bait

This week marks 3 months since my transplant. It's crazy to look back to a year ago at how sick I was, how depressed I was. It's even crazier to think I had a major surgery only three months ago and I am already getting back to fishing. This week was intense between doctor appointments and tests, then all the different pieces I had taking place for my business finally all came together. 

On the health front, all my tests came back great. No infection, no rejection, and was able to stop 3 more meds. I was anxious all week for today's Bronchoscopy to be completed and thankfully everything looks great. Physical therapy continues to make me stronger and my drop foot is improving each week. So I am doing great!

Business wise things have been great this week. My boat wrap was completed and honestly looks amazing thanks again to Fresh Ink Signs and Graphics in Orlando. All my reels where re-lined since most of them haven't been used in 18 months. My gear is all organized and the only thing that remains is cleaning the boat. Saturday will be the first launch with my boat in 18 months and excited to be doing it with some great friends. Then next week the charters begin, starting with some loyal clients I have had since my first year as a guide. I will be easing into these charters only doing a few a week as I continue to build strength and endurance again. 

The best part of the week and totally unexpected was the creation of my own custom soft plastic worm by the owner of Cache Custom Lures' owner Kent Thomson. Kent has a daughter battling cystic fibrosis and has done so much to support me with amazing hand poured soft plastics that put my clients on fish each charter. Today he revieled the "KP Craw". It's pretty bad ass that I have a custom bait named after me that others can buy. A bait I haven't fished yet but guarantee you it will catch trophy bass especially here in Florida. 

Like I said this has been great week for what has been a long and emotional ride. Stay tuned for some more photos and video from this week.