Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finally, awesome fishing !!!

The past few weeks has been hell on the water. Fishing has been slow, low numbers and nothing with any size. Yesterday Mark only landed a few fish...I was mad as hell and honestly lost sleep last night over the poor fishing. Thankfully today was awesome. I fished the same areas I fish all the time, areas that always hold fish. The conditions were they same as it has been the last three weeks, hot and 10-15 mph winds out of the southeast and southwest. The only change I did was fish the same areas but at completely different times.

The day began slow but Brian from Illinois stayed focus and fished hard, and at 930 he landed a 5 lbs 13oz bass on a Texas rigged sinko, again the same baits I have been using. Brian retied the hook, next cast lands a 4 lbs 10oz bass...2 casts later another fish at 3 lbs 13oz...then the very next cast another 3 lbs 9 oz fish. It was such a rush for both of total Brian landed nearly 12 bass in 4 hrs, plus several that shook of the hook.

Again a awesome day and proof that my lake still has big fish, you just have to fish hard and stay focused when the water temp is 86 degrees.

On a health note, lungs seem to be improving, but I am now on 2 iv meds and 1 oral antibiotic for two separate bacteria infections in my lungs. Plus the 10 other meds I take daily.

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