Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back on the water, finally!

After over 18 months this past Wednesday was my first charter since becoming to sick to operate my boat, and just 3 months after having my double lung transplant. 

My charter was with two long time clients, great, fun guys...Matt and Stacy. I was nervous taking these guys out because I had only been on the lake once prior to taking them out, and my very first outing was a tough day with only catching 4 fish. I am obsessed with making my charters worth my clients pennies, so I do lose sleep at times when fishing gets tough.

We started in the late morning around 1030 am... Had a really slow hour and half with two fish. I then moved to a spot that just always produces fish, and we did...about 6 smaller bass...nothing really over 15 inches, but we were getting plenty of hits and fish in the boat. The air temps cooled and the winds picked up as the day went on, but the bite remained constant. 

Towards the end of the day Matt and Stacy landed 20 bass, all on artificial baits, missed another 10-15 opportunities as well. It was a great start for me personally. I am still able to locate fish and put clients on those fish. 

Matt caught 2 really decent fish, one 3 lbs and another right at 4 two huge crappie all with zoom flukes. 

Stacy did ok, he managed to get 5 fish in, and lost two really decent fish. 

For me I was so thrilled to be back doing what I love. I will continue to ease into the guiding, only doing a few a week and gradually increasing and my health continues to improve. My body still has a lot of recovering to do from the surgery, but I am amazed how quickly things have come together. 

I have held at least 3 simultaneous jobs at once, I still do that now, it's a little different. First, my health is literally a full time job, then my family and being a dad and good husband is my second full time job, and now fishing again. 

I am looking forward to some warmer weather, the cold we have had has really dropped the lake temp down to mid to low 60's, but the bass have already began the spawn. Several of the bigger fish we caught were shallow and in places where they would normally bed. If we get a few really warm days, and the temps start to rise, the spawn will be on.

Here are some photos of Matt's catches.

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