Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another week has passed and fishing continues to be great. On a 4 hour fishing trip my guests have been catching 12-20 fish. The fishes sizes continues to vary from 1 lb to 6lbs. Soft plastics seem to be doing the best for catching these bass. Super flukes in watermelon red, and silver have been working the best. A close second has been green and black sinkos, weightless; these sinkos are producing the bigger fish that are caught. The month has brought warm weather, but at times some strong winds, making fishing with weightless plastics a little more challanging. The water temperature is around 72 degress and the fish have been very active even after a cold front has come through.

This past week, between trips I was able to take out my wife, brother and sister-in-law out for a few hours. They have very little fishing experience but in total they caught 9 fish in less than 2 hours. My wife leading the way with 5 solid keepers. I really enjoyed spending that time with them we were all very relaxed after spending those few hours away from the attractions we went to earlier that week.

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