Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting back into the action, slowly.

It has been a long 3 weeks of being sick, getting nothing but bad news, and being off the water. However, I am feeling pretty good and I am hoping I can do at least one charter this week. I will never get back to being able to fish everyday with these beat up lungs, but I would feel a lot better being able to fish at least a few days a week. Next week I have several doctor appointments to get things in place to begin the lung transplant evaluation. I will also be setting up appointments with several lung transplant centers in Florida, starting with Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. Then possibly in Gainsville at Shands, and if necessary look out of state like Baltimore or North Carolina. Today is the first full day of fall, and I am excited to start seeing some cooler temps. Cooler water temps will get those bass feeding up for the winter months. Although I haven't been on the water, I can tell you from experience the fish will begin schooling on shad in the morning hours. My years of fishing in October and November have brought many of my clients some big fish with top water baits fishing shallower waters 4-7 ft in areas with hydrilla that does not come up to the surface. I am also going to add some additional fish attractors over the coming weeks. The ones I had placed last year should start seeing some action as I placed them in shallower water. I finished adding all the LED lights from Blue Water LED to the boat, so this baby lights up like a Christmas Tree now. I love it !!! Also Next month I am going to have a small fundraiser for a friend that also has CF and is going through the steps to have a lung transplant. More details to follow. So if your coming to Orlando in the next few weeks and want to go fishing, I am back so feel free to call me.

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