Saturday, September 15, 2012

Getting out of the hospital

Its been a long emotional week for me. Having the abdominal pain, lung infection, and being told it's time to start the evaluation process for a lung transplant. Also was diagnosed today as becoming a type 2 diabetic, which requires to keep track of my sugars and take medication. It will however allow me to gain more weight and could improve lung function. We also discovered a micro tumor in my pituitary gland which is causing my body to produce low testosterone. Once the tumor is shrunk through a medication, I will to see a increase in my energy levels and maybe gain some muscle back.

I am glad to be going home and hopefully have the boost needed to gain more weight and start working out to get some lung function back.

It could be a very tough couple months and we are at probably the most serious time of my life, where I will need a transplant or I could die.

So as of today, I have to take over 20 different medications daily, spend 1- 1/2 daily on breathing treatments, eat at least 5,000 calories daily, plus while on iv antibiotics spend 6 hours a day infusing these meds.

I am just glad to be going home tow my wife and son. I want many more years with them.

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