Saturday, December 8, 2012

Very important guiding info / the beginning of my transplant journey

Please read if your looking to book a charter....

I have not done a blog for almost a month. A lot has been occurring this past month. My friend and one of the founders of my foundation, Erin Taylor returned home for the first time, just three months after her double lung transplant. She is doing so amazing...go Erin. I am also pleased to announce that another board member to my foundation, her son had his double lung transplant 36 hrs ago and Is recovering at a unreal rate.

Next week I begin my transplant evaluation in Jacksonville, FL at the Mayo Clinic. I can tell you how much I am freaking out but that still would only cover half of my anxiety and flat out being scared. We hope to have the eval competed by Christmas. The evaluation is extremely packed all day for close to 2 weeks as a outpatient. So the expenses of hotels and gas, food will begin next week. We have to stay in a hotel because Jacksonville is 2 hrs -3 hrs each way. I am will feel better once this eval is done.

Once the eval is complete a review panel will look at the results to see if I am eligible to receive them, and they will see how long I can go with the lungs I have before the do the surgery. Longer the better.

Just because I am having the major surgery, it is NOT, repeat NOT a cure. In fact, i currently take over 17 medications per day, several times a day. Plus have a feeding tube to assist with eating and taking in over 6,000 calories a day to maintain my weight. Now transplants lead to major followups, pain meds, anti rejection I will probably be in the 20 pill mark after the surgery.

As for fishing, I have not been out lately because of this eval coming up and me fighting another lung infection. Now that the eval starts next week, I am hoping to fit a charter or two in before the New Year. The weather had been above seasonally warm, and the big fish are already in per-spawn patterns. So if this continues the major portion of the spawn will be end December and January, just like last year.

I am trying to get better enough to do some charters...those that I have already contact about late December and January charters, my deal is still on. So once I get a schedule from the hospital I can give you all some dates. Those that are looking for charters, please contact me anyway, so we can discuss your details, and I will tell you if it's possible.

I really hope everyone has great holidays and again please email or call if you have a rough idea of when you here I Orlando.

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