Friday, December 21, 2012

Week two of transplant eval

Hello everyone

I am back in Orlando now after completing week 2 of 4 weeks being evaluated for a double lung transplant. This week was fairly easy, no major procedures but a lot of consults. The biggest one was our last consult for the week. I met with the GI doctor, mainly to discuss issues with my GI track. Other then changing some meds and other stuff to start gaining the weight I need to have the surgery, the main topic was my liver.
What was really discovered from several tests last week, is my liver is very enlarged and damaged. It's not from drinking...I don't drink. The damaged is because mucus has blocked many veins going into the liver, and inflammation from lung infections have caused major scarring to the liver. Although there is a lot of tests to be completed, there is a very good chance I will need a double lung and liver transplant.

We also learned that I will need someone with me 24 hours a day for at least 2 months after the surgery. The strong combination of meds and their side effects could cause several scenarios to happen, and if something does occur, my doctor needs to be notified immediately. Then they will make changes to my meds, and/or have me go to the ER.

Also learned many other always sitting in back seat of the car for the first 3 months. Zero raw foods, like sushi or oyster, can't share food or utensils, separate towels, etc. Just a lot of little thinks the average person would never believe.

As for fishing...same remains, it's day to day if I can do a charter, and I really can't book to far in advance since I don't know when I will get listed.

So that was a little of this for Christmas but back on my B-day for two more days next week.

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