Saturday, December 7, 2013

2 months post transplant

Today marks the second month since my double lung transplant. It has been a crazy month. Appointments Monday thru Friday, rehab, plus battling through all the post operative pain. It is amazing how quickly I am recovering. My last doctor's appointment the doctor simple put it as "unbelievable". It is unbelievable that in a few weeks I have gain full function in my left arm and leg, have very little leg pain from the foot drop, no arm pain, and only minor pain around the main incision area of my chest. I was also given the all clear to start all activities again. Meaning I am now ready to focus on building up my strength and endurance to get things done around the house and to get back into fishing shape. Everyday I feel stronger and more eager to do more things. I have been stuck in my house far to long. I recently took a ride to my lake for some photos for the new website and to give a few tosses with a rod in....and it was all great. The water looked great and fish were schooling on shad. Made me want to get out there right now. That being said I hope to be on the water in January and booking charters by February.

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