Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What, I am 34 yrs old...damn I am old

12 months ago on my 33rd birthday,  I was prepared to not see my next one, but God has other plans. Today is my birthday, yes I get shafted because of Christmas and my birthday are a day a part. But this year all I wanted was the gift to keep on living. Sounds cliche but that's all I wanted and in October that wish came true. It still seems like a dream that I can breathe so well, and I am still paranoid as hell that something could go wrong with the lungs I received, I don't want this amazing feeling to ever go away. 
And because it's my birthday and my smokers are stupid....but you will learn one day what I went through for 33 years. 

Today will be spent with my wife and son, possibly at Disney, or doing something together. It's amazing having energy and the drive to do stuff again. 

The rest of the week will be about getting the boat and business rolling again. This past Sunday's wrap for a cause event was a success. Between the social media support, friends and guests stopping by Fresh Ink Signs and Graphics, and the video that was created, will all bring positive awareness for becoming a organ donor. In my mind it's just the start to an amazing year. Also met some great captains and anglers alike, really cool guys, I hope we can work together to create more good in this world and in our industry.  I have ideas, hopes, and dreams this the drive to make them happen. First time I had a drive to do something I spent three years working to become a paramedic. My next drive was to create a successful foundation, which I did. Now the drive is all about fishing, not only as a captain doing charters, but also as a tournament angler. By no means am I looking to be a pro, but I am ready to win some trophies from some smaller events. 

All the pieces I have been working on since the transplant are coming together which will hopefully make my clients experience even better. Plus the connections I have already made with my return will make great memories for me and hopefully some cool photos and videos of trophy bass. 

I will start on the water next week pre-fishing a tournament, getting my sea legs back, and tweaking all my techniques again...I am for sure rusty with my casting accuracy. 

I am ready for my 34th year to be better then the last! 

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