Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day weekend

Fishing is hot above and below the water! Weather temp is in the mid 90's and sunny all day. This warming up the water temps into the low 80's already. The lake seemed to turnover the past few weeks and the bite has increased dramatically. Top water action has been incredible for the last two weeks, we have been seeing areas all of the lakes with schooling bass busting out if the water for shad. This has made top water baits really exciting to use. Patients is still the key to success with these baits on schooling fish. When bass school on shad they become focused in the shape and colors of these live shad, so using hard top water plugs in the right colors are critical. I have been using a silver or clear color shad 3 inch popper and bass colored popper with 25 lbs test with my revo stix reel and my new skeet Reese 7'6" glass rod. I have been crushing fish on Lake Bryan and Lake Toho for two weeks. 

Two days ago I took my takuya from JAPAN. it was hit first bass fishing charter in the United States. It was a educational day for me learning about how the Japanese people fish for largemouth In Japan and he even brought me some cutting edge soft plastics that proved themselves in only a few casts. We fished in the middle of a hot day, saw hundreds of bass schooling all around the boat, but we worked hard to get as many as week could in the boat. The photo below is the best we could do on size, but we did lose nearly 20 fish. 

The past few weeks I am preparing for a major tournament on Lake Toho for wounded warriors. 
I  I have been prefishing the lake for nearly two weeks now and stumbled on some stops holding trophy fish. A 6 lbs bass and a 8 lbs bass in just a few minutes. 

I am very excited to be fishing this tournament with my friend Michael Irvin and hopefully put something together and get a solid limit of fish next week. Thank you to our the troops that have served this great country. With out their sacrifice we wouldn't be participated in tournaments like this one. 

The great top action will continue for the next few months. I am booking fast so please if you are looking to book a charter please feel to contact me as soon as possible. Have a save holiday and remember those that have given us all our freedoms! 

Capt Kevin Przybyl

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