Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Bass fishing in Orlando, FLorida

The Florida largemouth bass are in full summer pattern mode on my lake and its only the beginning of May. The last few weeks the temperatures have topped in the 90's during the day and low 70's overnight, which caused a rapid water temperature increase. In a matter of 5 days the surface lake trigger shad both using 10 lbs fluorocarbon with a medium rod. Another key to my recent success on the water has been the result of fishing small areas usually a square 100 yards at a time, painfully slow. Fishing these areas this slow is producing many bites and catches. I will fish an area this size for up to 2 hours at a time. In recent days my clients are averaging no less then 15 bass in 4 hours. This bite will continue to improve over the next several weeks then steady out until mid-august when the water temps are extremely high. temperature went from 72 degrees to 81 degrees. This past week it was obvious by how the fish were biting that the spring turnover was occurring. The bite was sluggish last week but this week the bite has improved dramatically. Also experiencing a dramatic increase in the amount of schooling fish feeding on bait fish throughout the day. This has made some great top water action for some of my clients, and honestly , myself. The majority of the larger fish I am catching has been on a "KP Craw" xtreme stix , a hand poured, sinko, style bait made by Cache Custom Lures. This particular color has been my go to bait for several weeks now. When I come across schooling bass, I have been switch to just a simple XPS popper or a Cache Custom Lure

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