Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Endocrinologist day !!!

Today i saw my endocrinologist..Dr. Damon Tanton out of celebration hospital. He is amazing, has a vast knowledge about CF and CF related Diabetets., Such young talent that really knows CF and the benfits insulin, growth hormone, and testosterone gel can have a positive affect with CFtreat diseases aggressively if the patient can handle it. That is a rare find.

Ok so I just administered my first shot of and feel a little odd,. Next I
must test my glucose when i wake every morning and then before bed. Just another medication to the 17 i already take daily.
Before I start my night feedings, I must check my sugar and regardless of the level, I then take 10 units of Lantus SoloStar insulin. Super scared of how I am going to handle the medication itself. My D-stick was just 102. I gave the 10 units and now in bed hooked to my feedings and drinking a can of boost. Hopefully My levels don't tank and I wake up with Fire/rescue looking at me. Once they find out where I worked, they will start recruiting me. Or I don't wake up at all . This is supposed to help build up muscle , lung function, and ass weight. Can't wait to what happens in a few weeks,

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