Monday, October 1, 2012

Still looking for improvement

Still waiting for return calls on scheduling my first appointment with Mayo clinic in Jacksonville, and for starting respiratory rehab. I expect them to call tomorrow, sitting at home thinking all day is not healthy. Its been a gloomy, rainy day outside, the dark clouds don't help motivate me, especially when i am exhausted..from what i dont know, all I did was cough all morning while getting my little man ready for school.

I am Honestly really ready for the positive motivation that comes from the people I know from Rehab. Two things that suck about rehab is that its a hour away and the first several weeks suck building up and working out next to 70 plus year olds running faster on treadmills and lifting 100 lbs of weight more then i can is pretty pathetic. Once the initial few weeks are done it will be easier, and it will give me a serious boost in strength to get back out on my boat. I miss fishing a lot and I especially miss showing people what fishing techniques I have learned. So hopefully I can start improving here sooner then later.

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