Monday, March 4, 2013

First dry run

This past Saturday we were shocked when the mayo clinic called at 2pm requesting us get to the hospital as they may have a donor for me. We quickly grabbed some things, I told my son how much I loved him, while crying at the same time. I told him it was time for my big surgery and that I loved him more then anything...the look I got back made me realize my 3year old son knew what was happening. Thought he was going to cry, he just hugged me really hard. During our 3 hour drive we ran into heavy traffic and of course a major road shut down on i95 for a brush fire...40 min detour...but somehow my wife showed she has her driving skills from her days as a EMT. We arrived at mayo at 5pm. We were immediately sent to our room in ICU, where iv's we started, X-rays, blood work, iv antibiotics, breathing treatments, and more. Met many members of the team and my nurse. Who was awesome! I had so many emotions flowing through my head I couldn't cry, laugh, or really talk, I just looked at my beautiful wife and remembered all the good times since we met 10 yrs ago. She is my rock and the one that will keep me moving forward after the surgery. After many hours of waiting the surgery was set for 10pm, and the staff coming to move me to OR at 935. I was pretty ready, but five minutes before the time, the team doctor came in with bad news. After viewing the donors lungs, they determined there may have been issues with the right side and therefore canceled the surgery. They call this a dry run. I call it another anxiety attach waiting to happen. Going through the drive and the emotions will be hard again. I am looking forward to all the amazing things my body will go through after surgery, but not looking forward to the initial pain and being intubated when I am waken up. So we are home back on the list waiting for another call. God bless the teams and the donor and the donor's family!

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