Saturday, February 25, 2012

Father/Son Charters are a blast !!

Having Cystic Fibrosis and being at a point health wise that another bad infection could quickly end my life, I cherish the moments I have with my son even on the days when the terrible twos are in full swing. He is still a little to young to get him on my boat but I hope I can stay healthy enough to take him out in another year. Saying that my favorite charters are father/son(s) or Father/Daughter(s) charters, especially when its their first time bass fishing or when they are just learning. Seeing the fathers watching their child catch a bass on their own for the first time and the pride in the fathers face is priceless. This week I had the honor of taking Chri s, his son Alexander, and Alexander's Grandpa Paul out fishing. I gave Alexander a very quick lesson on casting with a spinning reel, and on his very first cast he lands a fish. It was pretty cool to watch. The fishing was a little tough, had solid numbers but came up short on size. I take my guiding very serious, and work hard to get my clients on big fish but some days it just doesnt happen and it bothers me especially when I can't get the kids on a trophy. Below is a photo of Chris and Alexander when they both caught fish at the same time, this was right at the end of the day and again another cool highlight from the day.
I hope you guys had a great time !! The rest of this week has been tough. High winds most of the week and another cold front this weekend has slowed down the numbers. The water temperature still is stuck at 65 degrees. Finally spotted a few beds, but nothing holding on them. We have some stable and warm weather this coming week, so hopefully it will warm this lake up and get the 2012 spawn moving. Looking forward to my upcoming charters this week, and will have another report mid-week.

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