Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fishing with Roger from UK--- 2/11/2012

Two days ago marks the 4th straight year that I am fishing with Roger, who has become more of a friend then a client. Roger lives in the UK and comes to Orlando every February with his family. While his family hit all the Orlando Attractions, Roger flys over for one purpose...Bass fishing. Roger is an avid carp angler and for those that are not familiar with fishing in Europe they mainly fish Carp and Pike. Roger is one of my favorite clients because he fishes all over the world. He spent this last Christmas in Kenya and showed me some amazing giant carp, and pictures where he was touch wild elephants and in arms length of a pack of lions. I love taking people out guiding because I love learning about them and their experiences. Having CF and currently only have 29% lung function, it is very difficult for me to travel. Fishing the last two days has really been a struggle. High winds, and cooler temperatures, plus a visitor on the lake that found one of my productive fish attractors fished my area really hard at the beggining of the week, and they have some serious lock jaw. The lack of ediquete some anglers show is disappointing. Roger and I still have three more days on the water, but tonight and tomorrow night Orlando is under freeze warning. Hopefully by Tuesday when the weather warms back up so will the bite. I also dropped the remaing 15 PVC artificial fish attractors into the lake. Hopefully this will allow me to have 6 total locations that will always hold fish. The attractors in the 30ft areas will be very productive in the summer when the water gets into the upper 80's. My war with Cystic Fibrosis is continuing. Each day is a battle and after my recent doctors appointment my current lung infection of MRSA is not going away. I have been on IV antibiotics for over a month straight now, and the MRSA growth has not changed. I have a medport in my chest, like what Cancer patients get. However mine has been in for 6 years. I must do two infusions a day that last a hour and a half each. I am still having long painful, breath taking coughing spurts that last 10 mins minimum. Today after getting up early I have been doing nothing but sleeping on the couch. I also got a new feeding pump which I use to place nutritional formula in a tube that is in my stomach. I am required to consume 6,000 calories a day or I lose weight and can become very sick. These feedings give me 2000 calories each night. Despite feeling as bad as I do, I can't wait to get back in the water Tuesday.

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