Friday, February 17, 2012

Trying to live to fish another day

This day has been one of my worst in many days. Those that know me, know I don't bitch about having CF.i get frustrated at times or just don't have the physical strenghth to get work done but I never say I want to die. In fact it's the opposite I fight harder then anyone just to get another second with my son and wife. This week have brought good news, our federal tax return will pay off our finally large student loan, making us one of Dave Ramsey's debt free followers. We eliminatiated nearly $500k of debt in 18 months with major sacrifices, overtime, selling personal belongings,and eating at home and cupooning at home. Today we only have our house payment, and we are saying up for a second beater car. Life is amazing when you have cash in the bank, and no credit cards or loans. Then I find the rest of the week fighting to stay alive, fighting a pharmaceutical comapany over a medication I need but is short supply. They say I am noncompliant because I ordered it two weeks late. This can cause serious harm to my lungs with out it. I have been compliant on all my meds for over 5 yrs now, my life is too important to lose, and a drug company isn't going to deny me when they clearly have stock. Hopefully they caught the underlined message I said Fishing has been rough. High winds with mix of sun and clouds have these fish all messed up. My spots are holding some fish but not many. Hoping tomorrow will be better day. We will try 16 inch worms and some pesky perch. I continue to take iv antibiotic until next week but may have to upgrade to two different meds totaling 15 medications per day just to be exhausted. If that happens i be spending a few days in the hospital. My quality of life is much poorer then it was 5 yrs ago, but I keep fighting, because I love guiding and I want to leave something for my family when my time comes. I have very limited days left in February and March so if you interested book soon. Price at the pumps goes up and up but mine will not change, and my charter quality is improving after each adventure,,more to come on that special treat. Thanks for following me, please share with you friends Kevin Przybyl Owner "Live,Fish,Breathe"

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