Monday, April 30, 2012

Disappointing weekend

Well like it says, disappointing weekend. Where to start, ended the weekend and weekend with charters, tough conditions, windy, cool early in the week then very hot again. Shook up the bite a bit. Had numbers, 20 plus bass in 4 hrs with artificial baits but nothing big. Everyone I took out had a blast but I am not satisfied unless I get a big one each day.

Then after Sunday's charter I had to be admitted to the hospital for abdominal pain. My pain hit really hard on Thursday and by Sunday I couldn't deal with the pain any further. For the last 6 months these attacks have been happening, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis to know learn its not and no idea what's the cause. So as testing continues, I have been awake for past 36 hrs with 1 hr of sleep and no solid food since saturday. I hate admissions.

This admission also caused me to have to cancel my charter with Larry the cable guy. I am very disappointment but more disappointed over the fact he would not reschedule another day. Sometimes the disease wins the battle. No idea when this admission will end, no idea on if surgery will happen, but hopefully I will be back up and running by next week.

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