Saturday, April 14, 2012

Great week of good health and fishing

Finally I feel really good health wise. I haven't felt this good in over 7 months. My iv meds end Monday and hopefully I can stay this good for a few weeks at least. But with the good is some bad, the bacteria in my lungs is becoming resistant to the antibiotics. If the bacteria becomes completely resistant to the meds, then I have no alternatives. If I can't stop the infections that can cause the bacteria to take over and destroy my lungs. In other words, it would kill me. It's not a exaggeration !! So hopefully I can stay off this meds for a while and hopefully not become resistant.

Fishing has continued to be great. My last couple charters the clients all caught double digit numbers. I am taking the weekend off to get some major home projects done but back out Monday, and I already know it will be a great charter with Mark from the UK.

The photos are of Rhys age 7 from NC. He caught a lot of fish using a watermelon sinko. He was a great kid that loves fishing, and I am glad he and his dad Keith had a fun morning. I feel bad because Keith lost a big fish. Even after a few days from the day of the trip and I am still upset we lost this fish right at the boat.

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