Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Over 20 fish each charter in 4 hrs

Today my doctor agreed to stop my round of IV antibiotics after two weeks of 5 treatments a day, totaling 6 hrs of infusion time each day. The bacteria I had in my lungs was very serious and a strain that can destroy lung tissue. Thankfully I called the doctor as soon as I felt the infection coming on. Had I not, this could have become very serious and even life threatening. It also marks the first time, in a very long time that I was only on these meds for two weeks. Usually I am on them for 4-8 weeks before I feel slightly better.

I have been pacing myself by only doing 3-4 charters a week. Over doing things will make me sick. So I had charters Monday and Tuesday this week so far. They were really fun mornings. As many anglers know, it's hard to catch fish when you have casual anglers, meaning they fish a fee times a year, or new anglers that have never fished or only fished once or twice before. As a guide I do everything to select the proper baits that are easy to use and produce results. I am proud that during both these charters, the anglers all had double digit numbers. Monday, I took out Mark from the UK, a very experienced Pike and Carp angler. It was his first bass fishing charter, and he did great. He had about 15 bass in the boat, and about 20 bites that mark didn't get them or they shook off the hook right near the boat. I am mad at myself because I didn't retie the line when I should have and this 6 lbs bass broke off right next to the boat.

Tuesday I took out Glenn and Art, both from Montana. They in total landed 30 bass. Most being in the 1-2 lbs ranges Glenn lost a really big fish at the end of the trip, again because of the line breaking. I definitely came across some bad line with the berkley vanish, so new line for all the reels. Art did manage a decent fish near the 5 lbs mark, hopefully I can get this photo off my digital camera to post it.

These fish have been crushing the baits, as soon as they hit the water or during a fast retrieval . Weather continues to be in the 80's and humidity is starting to move in. That means the bite will slow up just a little but the top water bite will be getting stronger.

I have one more slot open this week so hopefully we can book that day.

Below is photo of Mark and glenn, again small fish but catching 20 of these in a few hrs on artificial baits is something to be proud of!

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