Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Great numbers with a nice way to end the day

Today I fished with Eric and his 14 yr old daughter Sabrina from Wisconsin. It was a perfect day on the water, no wind and hot weather. The numbers caught were extremely good. They caught over 20 fish, and it was very even. Sabrina caught over 10 fish with watermelon fluke, and landed a good 3 lbs bass, but I screwed up the picture so I can post it. We lost a bunch of fish that shook off or just didnt hold the bait long enough. That would have easily made the numbers over 30 fish in 4 hrs. On one of the last casts Eric landed this fish, right around 5 lbs off a bed. Which was shocking because I thought the bass were done spawning but I came across an area with fresh beds and the end of the morning.

Have some charters later this week so hopefully these numbers continue.

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